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Impeller chart | Performance Boats Forum

 · 1,210 Posts. #6 · Oct 3, 2013. I would review both, but the primary thing to remember is to use the as measured or otherwise known as the Uncorrected Dyno sheet. It will be more accurate for impeller choosing purposes as the Uncorrected is the actual power you have on a given day. If all you have is a Corrected Dyno sheet, I would decrease the ...

Lost Impeller Chart.. [Archive]

I found a chart on a web page (but lost it) that tells you how fast you will go roughly in a jet boat (weight of boat and other things play a factor). It listed horse power + impeller size + rpm = MPH. If anyone has this info can you please post it? thanks.

The 212/213

The barrel assembly is then fully reassembled and ready for installation. We provide shims and instructions for shimming the impeller when you reassemble the unit on your boat. 212/213 Hamilton/ NEW PUMP $1350.00/ USED PUMP $1550.00. *USED …


This impeller is capable of giving your PWC an incredible boost in its performance. The SOLAS product line includes Dynafly impellers for the Kawasaki Ultra 150 pump and the Sea Doo 951 pump. SOLAS also has developed new impellers for other pumps. Please check the application chart for further details.

Berkeley Jet Drive

The inducer pre-impeller is available individually with easy to follow instructions or in kit form which includes a pre-cut impeller pump shaft along with the inducer. The inducer is a great add on for any power range or engine size application and fits all Berkeley, American Turbine, and Dominator jet drives.

Impeller Selection Chart AT, TJ, SD-309, Dom, Berk ...

2013-3-27 · impeller selection chart. at, tj, sd-309, dominator, berkeley, energizer kits ... 4650: 4800: 4950: 5400: 5700: 6050: 550: 4800: 4950: 5100: 5550: 5850: n/a *these rpm values may vary according to how your boat allows the pump to load: horse power …


Dynafly - - Maximum Acceleration. Our new impeller is designed to give high compression ratio pumps a stronger acceleration with less cavitation. This impeller is capable of giving your PWC an incredible boost in its performance. The SOLAS product line includes Dynafly impellers for the Kawasaki Ultra 150 pump and the Sea Doo 951 pump.

Jet Pump Parts | Droop Snoots | Place Diverters ...

2015-8-2 · JET PUMP PARTS. We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including products such as our impellers, bowls, place diverters, rudders, intakes, and shoe and ride plates. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and contact us today.

The 7 Best Jet Boats + In Depth Buying Guide

2021-11-21 · Jet boats have an impressive sportscar-like handling performance. Jet boats can be quick and nimble with a thrust that can be redirected in a flash. Even an average jet can leave behind other boats in a flash with a quick jerk to the wheel and a punch …

Impeller Information

2020-3-25 · A jet is different than a propeller as the engine will turn the jet a full rpm whether the boat is tied to the dock or running at top boat speed. Because of this, the larger impeller may be used without danger of lugging the engine when the boat is …


2018-2-3 · Have your Jet Energized by Performance Jet $2850 Here is a Panther Jet that has been converted with the A/T Energizer Kit. This jet has a 17-4 PH shaft (standard), a 17-4 stainless impeller, and will be fitted with a Place FTN nozzle assembly.

Jet Pump Impeller Specifications

12  · 2013-4-5 · Use this chart to determine proper impeller using RPM Values, …

NuJet Impeller Application Charts

Impros is a Personal Watercraft Impeller Repair and modification service. We specialize in one thing- the watercraft pump. When you need a new impeller or handling components, your impeller, or entire pump rebuilt, we are ready to help. Many of our customers use us …

Jet Impellers

2021-8-8 · The coarse pitch #4 impellers are generally used on the last stage of the multi-stage jet. For the best performance upgrade to an older three stage jet, change the third impeller (back impeller) to a #4, and replace the nozzle with a 92 mm Pozzi nozzle. This will drop RPM and increase performance.

PWC and Jet Boat Impellers

Reconditioned OEM Kawasaki 750 ZXi Impeller. $100.00. Out of stock. Wish List Compare. Reconditioned OEM Sea-Doo 271000654 Impeller. $114.99. Out of stock. Wish List Compare. Reconditioned Yamaha 64Y-51321-A0-00 Impeller.

Sea Doo Impeller Reference Chart

2017-12-27 · Sea Doo Impeller Reference Chart. If you are wondering what pump/pitch/impeller your stock Sea Doo uses, look up the year/model of your Sea Doo PWC and Boats. I stock many new and used impellers so if you need one, shoot me an e-mail!

SoCal Jet Boats

2021-11-23 · SoCal Jet Boats is the #1 online performance boating community forum related to Jet Boats. SoCal Jet Boats and its members host 6+ events a year on the Colorado River between Laughlin and Blythe including popular river spots such as The Avi Resort and Casino as well as The Bluewater Resort and Casino. SoCal Jet Boats is going on 15 years old.

About Impellers

Impeller design and efficiency is strongly linked to the other components that make up the jet-pump, i.e., gullet volumetric area, laminar transition of the intake housing, stator blade area and angle of trajectory, venturi rate of compression, venturi "bowl" area, exiting orifice dimension, mass and weight of the hull, and pump placement or ...

Aggressor Impeller Chart...? | Performance Boats Forum

 · I plowed through every impeller chart thread on the site, and i didn''t see an aggressor one, closest i found was a dominator one, and the HTP one. ... ***FOR SALE*** 1978 19'' Full Stringer Hawaiian Molokai Jet Boat w/ Berkeley 12JC-AB and Chevy 440 Tall Deck ***FOR SALE*** mako shark mark;633485 said: ... Performance Boats Forum.


2019-11-20 · HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS INDUCER IMPELLER PART # IM1000 The Inducer impeller is a revolutionary new concept that feeds water to the jet. Because the Inducer is not shrouded it can flow 20% more water to the impeller than the impeller can use. This helps keep the impeller loaded and absorbing all the power the engine can produce.


2019-11-20 · the six different impeller sizes offered for your American Turbine, are listed across the top line in the Impeller Selection Chart. The largest impeller is the 9 1/2" and the smallest is the C. In general, the larger the impeller the more efficient it is. this means that for …

SoCal Jet Boats Speed Shop

SoCal Jet Boats. 6012 South Topaz St. Suite #8, Las Vegas, NV 89120. 1 (702) 970.SCJB

Dimensionless Numerical Approaches for the Performance ...

On the contrary, in the jet performance prediction of Figure 2, the several cavitation lines (dashed lines) are referred to several impeller options, for which the corresponding jet power absorption curves, according to a cubic law with the impeller speed, are reported on the right of the same figure fact, an impeller can be tuned to optimize the rotational speed by trimming the trailing ...

Jet Parts | The Jet Doctor

Liner for small jet-when ordering please specify: 5 3/4" part # 287 $65.00 6" part # 855 $65.00...

River Jet Boating Forum • View topic

 · Pump/Impeller Change Predictions. Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:49 pm. Often people ask if they swap impellers or pumps, what performance will happen. This is actually fairly predictable, and below are some plots. They both contain exactly the same info, only the …

Jet Pump Impeller Specifications

2013-4-5 · Use this chart to determine proper impeller using RPM Values, Horespower Requirements, Machined Angles, Impeller Sizes and Diameters. IMPELLER SELECTION CHART AMERICAN TURBINE, TJ, SD-309, DOMINATOR, BERKELEY ... *THESE …

CP Performance

Hydraulic - Great cam for 455 jet boat with A or B impeller. Performance and skiing. 295-422314: 295-422314CL: 280: 280: 230: 230.490.490: 110° Hydraulic - Performance cam for jet boat with B impeller, river or bracket racing: 295-422364: 295-422364CL: 292: 292: 244: 244.518.518: 110°

Solas Impeller Chart – Australian Jet Ski Parts

Solas Impeller Chart. Unsure of what impeller suits your ski? Download the PDF, find your ski, check which prop that suits and then find it online.