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Aggregate And Crushed Stone | New Braunfels Landscape ...

AGGREGATE AND CRUSHED STONE. Aggregate materials, such as gravel, landscaping rocks and decomposed granite can make landscaping visually more appealing, as well as provide a barrier against erosion, better drainage, and a firm foundation where needed. Whether you''re building a pool, creating a french-drain, or laying a gravel path, our ...

Aggregate Products

6A. 3/8"-1" washed stone. Can be round and or crushed. The Aggregate Resources and 4 th street mines have about 50% crush stone in their 6A. The Quincy and Midway mine has round. Used for concrete. Works well for drain fields and septic tanks.

Limestone from Mannok

Mannok Limestone The limestone is extracted through a blasting process, then crushed and washed to produce the finished stone. This limestone if used in the mix of many differing concrete products, unbound fill and bituminous products as well as for decorative building and construction. Documentation FPC Cert. EN 12620-SR16 FPC Cert. EN 13242-SR21 ISO


2021-2-12 · 1/2" (12MM) WASHED ROUND PEA GRAVEL. 3/8" (10MM) WASHED ROUND EXPOSED ... CRUSHED Rock. Clear Crush Crushed Rock for a wide array of purposes. 3/8" (9MM) MINUS CRUSHER FINES. 3/4" (20MM) CLEAR CRUSH. 3/8" (9MM) CLEAR CRUSH AQUA. 1/2" (12MM) QUARRY CLEAR. Request a Quote. Limestone. 3/4 Limestone Clear stone, does not have any fines. …


2021-11-16 · Crushed Stone (Rock), Pea Gravel, Road Base, Crushed Granite, Crushed Concrete, River Rock, Aggregate Sand Mason / Masonry Sand, Washed …

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Iron Ore (Crushed, Washed, 2×4, Rip Rap) Limestone (Various sizes) Slag (Base, Oversize) River Rock (Various sizes) Asphalt Millings; Get Quote. Slag base used for roads and driveways. Washed Iron Ore used for roads, driveways and well sites.

Products – Mid States Materials, LLC

2021-11-20 · CRUSHED LIMESTONE SCREENED AND WASHED. Common Sizes 4" down to 3/16" ...

Which Grade of Crushed Limestone Is Right for You | Port ...

We also recommend a larger grade of crushed limestone — #57G is a good option — as a base layer for walkways or landscaping filler around paving stones. For accents around plants, trees, and landscaping features, crushed limestone #8G, a clean-crushed and …


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Gravel Whitby | Oshawa |Hard-Co Sand & Gravel

A finely crushed limestone as in the ¾" crusher run, without the larger pieces. It is great for compacting and will compact tight not allowing much drainage. High-Performance Bedding (HPB) A ¼" chip limestone without any fines. It is a limestone that is already 93% compacted, easy to handle and is ideal for under interlocking patios or slabs.


Washed Gravel Bulk ($21.34/18 cu.ft.) Washed Gravel. $23.00. Notify me when this product is available: Premium processed and round washed 1" gravel. Uses include driveways, sidewalks, backfill, drainage fill, and general aggregate uses. View full product details ».

Decorative Gravel | Texas Soil and Stone Outfitters

Crushed Washed Limestone. A rough edged crushed rock from local limestone quarries. White to cream in color. Comes in 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ sizes. Great for French drains, lateral lines, and large decorative areas.

Product Usage Table

Washed crushed limestone used as coarse aggregate in ready-mix concrete, pipe bedding, foundation drainage. 0471 3/8″ Washed Chips. Washed limestone chips used in Seal Coat paving. 0475 Porous Backfill. Washed limestone chips meeting IDOT Gradation No. 29 used for drainage tile backfill.

Gravel (Aggregate)

Crushed Limestone Crushed Limestome is the bread and butter of the building industry as its uses are many. Available in a crushed, or chrushed "with dust": concrete dust is added to the mix for superior compaction (shown), this product is used as a base in construction projects from roads to patios, is an integral part of concrete and can even ...

Colorado River Rock, Sand, Gravel Driveways, Landscape ...

2021-11-17 · A crushed Limestone good for Lateral fields and heavy traffic driveways. 3/4" Washed Rock . A crushed washed Limestone rock used in concrete, sub-grade material, driveways, and landscaping. Oversized . Dirty River Stone used for base for driveways. 1401 NW Hwy 24 ...

Limestone Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag | Dove Grey …

Quantity: 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag. Coverage: 1000kg of 20mm limestone chippings will typically cover 12m² (12m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm. Consists of: 10mm - 20mm limestone chippings. Usage: Dove grey limestone gravel or chippings are suitable for paths, driveways and other large areas of landscaping. Can be used as pipe bedding and to create high strength concrete mixes.


2021-11-20 · Washed Aggregates. Contact Us. Request a Quote. Projects. About Us. We specialize in quality crushed limestone materials for a wide range of construction applications. And with multiple generations of experience in civil construction, we know exactly what materials you need to get the job done. Our pit is Located minutes from Georgetown, Texas ...

Product List — Superior Crushed Stone

2021-11-9 · Crushed limestone screenings used for fill in foundations. 3/8" Washed Crushed Limestone. Decomposed Granite. Decomposed granite is used for walkways, trails, bike paths and driveways. Decomposed granite is regularly used as base material for stone or paver walkway and patio construction. Our granite is sourced locally near Marble Falls.

Aggregates | Taylor Bros Inc – Site Development ...

1/2" - 1 1/2" Crushed & Washed #57 Crushed Limestone: 1 CY: $50.00: 3/4" Crushed & Washed #8 Crushed Limestone: 1 CY: $50.00: 3/8" Crushed & Washed Chips #304 Crushed Limestone: 1 CY: $45.00: Up to 1 1/4" - Dust (Good for Sloped Driveways & …

Limestone – Shoreline Aggregate

3/4″ Clean Washed 3/4-1" clean crushed limestone – INDOT #8 This material is the most commonly used for pipe backfill, foundation walls for drainage and concrete mix. View Product Aglime Agricultural lime, also known as aglime, is an additive used to reduce soil acidity. Made from crushed limestone, its active component is calcium carbonate.


2021-8-10 · 1 1/2" Crushed Limestone 11.25 #6, ¾" Washed Gravel 25.00 2 1/2" Crushed Limestone 11.25 1 1/2" Washed Gravel 30.00 4-8" Rip Rap 25.00. LANDSCAPING 111th thStreet Quarry DUMP / RECYCLE 111 Street Quarry (Limited Quantities) Product $ / Ton Product $ / Ton Flagstone (Palletized) 175.00 Broken Concrete - Semi 75.00/ld


Crushed limestone that is washed and primarily used in Ready Mix Concrete and Asphalt paving. This material can also be used for seal coat applications, pipe bedding, foundation drainage, and other many other applications that require fluid to flow through the rock.

Aggregate Supplies

2021-11-18 · Limestone Screenings: As a mix of fines and crushed limestone, limestone screenings can be used as a walkway or make an excellent base for paving stones. This product compacts well. High Performance Bedding: This limestone product is a fine, washed aggregate that allows for water drainage and compacts well. It contains ¼" limestone chips ...


2021-11-19 · Limestone A. #1 & #2 Clean Limestone B. Surge Rock Limestone C. 3/8" Washed Limestone Specialty Products A. Bio-Retention / Dry Swale Soil B. Engineered Soil Mixes* Engineered soil is a mix of processed sand, topsoil and or leaf compost.


Washed Sand. Washed sand is a light off-white color that is screened and washed to remove impurities such as silt and clay, then allowed to drain. Washed sand has a variety of functions, and can also be used on golf courses, as a base for laying brick and as a pool liner. it contain pea rock Available for Delivery; Available at Retail Yard; Available at Ogilvie Pit * Pits are OSHA regulated.


2021-11-6 · Washed Crushed Gravel Products. Frey Sand & Gravel produces washed crushed gravel products and crushed sub base courses. A full line of limestone products is also available. Additionally, we offer a line of washed sand products including abrasive sand (road sand), mason sand, concrete sand, Health Department-approved filter sand along with our ...

The Complete Guide to Crushed Stone and Gravel

2019-11-11 · Limestone: A sedimentary rock that is the most commonly used to make crushed stone in the United States. One of the most versatile rocks for construction, limestone is able to be crushed easily making it a primary rock used in ready mix concrete, road construction, and railroads. It is widely available in quarries across the country.

Washed Gravel Products

Washed Gravel Products. All products listed with a ODOT Spec are produced to conform to ODOT SS1069 program. #8, #57, washed gravel products are produced to meet ODOT specifications and are produced to conform to ODOT SS1069 program. PLEASE NOTE: All Gravel products may vary in color from grayish blue to brown.

Products | Sand, Stone, Gravel, Limestone, Screenings ...

Crushed 1/4" limestone with fines used under patio stones and bricks. This product can be used as a driveway topping, but it has a tendency to track. Packs very hard. 1/4 chip limestone Also known as HPB. A washed material used to backfill petroleum tanks and sewer/watermain applications. A self-compacting material. All fines removed. GRAVEL ...